Nik Kershaw Let's Rock Wales 2019 Wide Boy

Nik Kershaw - Let's Rock Wales 2019 - The Riddle & Wouldn't It Be Good (Live)

Nik Kershaw performing live @ Let's Rock Wales 2019, The songwriter for 'The Riddle' (1984) and Wouldn't It Be Good (1984) is ...

Nik Kershaw - Wide Boy @ let's rock the moor 2019

Apologies for language at the start!

Nik Kershaw | hr1 Live Lounge 2019

Nik Kershaw in Bad Hersfeld, Germany 16 June 2019 --Setlist-- 0:00 | Wide Boy 5:36 | Can't Get Arrested 10:47 | Dancing Girls ...

Go West - Let's Rock Wales 2019 - Call Me (Live)

Go West performing live @ Let's Rock Wales 2019, Call Me (1985) is on Chrysalis Records and by Go West. No copyright ...

Nik Kershaw LIVE 2019 - Dancing Girls / Cowboys & Indians (UHD)

LIVE from HR1 Germany broadcast. I've Remastered Audio to Ultra High Definition. Enjoy fellow Kershaw fans. Best Listened to ...

Let's Rock the Moor 2019 Highlights

Lets Rock the Moor, Cookham, 18th May 2019. Highlights.

Nik Kershaw - LIVE 2018 (UHD Audio)

Bayern 1 presents Nik Kershaw Live (Germany FULL Concert) Remastered Audio into 4K quality mixed by myself. SETLIST: 1.

BBC Presents: NIK KERSHAW - LIVE (Opera North)

Opera North joins alongside Nik Kershaw to perform some of his most notable work. Note: to all German Orchestra's... This is how ...

Nik Kershaw - The Riddle

Recorded live at Let's Rock Norwich Saturday 25th May 2019.

Nik Kershaw at Let's Rock The Moor 2019

Nik Kershaw, Let's Rock the Moor, Cookham, 18th May 2019.

Nik Kershaw unplugged | BAYERN 1 Wohnzimmerkonzert 2019 [audio only]

Nik Kershaw in Landsberg am Lech, Germany 21 May 2019 -- Setlist -- 1:10 | I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me 5:17 | The Sky's ...

Dancing Girls - Nik Kershaw. Let's Rock Norwich.

Recorded Live at Let's Rock Norwich on Saturday 24th June 2017 at Earlham Park, Norwich.